Project 2: Cloth Stitch Book

Lots of hospital and doctor’s appointments of late so haven’t been able to post this sooner. It’s not a big project just a little something I made to keep my needles in and to practice embroidery stitches. I’ve been following Take A Stitch Tuesday over at Pin Tangle and wanted a small sample book to do my stitches in so this is what I made.


It’s not great but it’s good enough just to practice in. I started by cutting the felt 10cm x 20cm and folding it to make a spine of sorts.

I then made the ‘pages’ for the inside by cutting 5 pieces of white cotton 11cm x 21cm and hemmed the edge with the sewing machine. I would advise either hemming with wonderweb or some other kind of n0 sew tape or just overlocking the edge, that’d probably be MUCH easier than what I did. Let me tell you, I’m a total noob at sewing and I probably should have had a larger allowance but it just seemed a bit big and messy doing a 1cm allowance.  My mistake.

So once all the swearing and hemming was done I pressed a fold in my cotton pieces and sewed the spine. I used embroiderer’s thread to do this because I wanted a nice bright colour.

There it is, one little stitching booklet and now I have somewhere to put all my little stitches. 🙂



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