New Fabric!

Last weekend I went to the caravan in Porthmadog with my parents. The weekend was a bit of a washout in the end, but as I lay in  my tent praying to god that the pouring rain, which had turned the ground beneath me into a torrent of mud, wouldn’t get in, I was comforted by the fact that I had found roughly three metres of beautiful blue paisley fabric for £3!

As it turns out, most charity shops in my area are a bit rubbish when it comes to fabric and anything that might be handy for sewing, but Barmouth, despite being full of the type of people I try my best to avoid, is awesome! Mum found some nice Sirdar wool for 50p and I found a basket full of fabric. Seriously, it was a goldmine and I hadn’t brought my pick. I had spent all my money the week before in London so mum bought the paisley for me and I left behind metres of lovely English Tweed, blue calico and some nice 70’s print pillow cases which I had my eye on to make a summer top with. We didn’t realise how large the piece of fabric was until we got home on Sunday, three metres long and just over half a metre wide, it hadn’t looked that large when it was rolled up tight. We also noticed that it was partly discoloured, as you can see in the picture. I’m not overly concerned with this though, I think it’s only about a half a metre or less, probably where it’s been folded and left in the light, I can work around it I think.

What to do with it though? I’m going on holiday to Lanzarote in September and would like something new to wear. I’m thinking of a maxi dress, because I’m very short I wouldn’t use too much I think, either that or a midi skirt or a tunic… so many options, I probably could do at least two because I also have about a metre and half of check cotton I picked up in the John Lewis sale for £3.50 a metre so that might work for a tunic or skirt. Ho hum, decisions decisions.